Fiber optic patch cable

We fiber optic patch cable manufacturer in China,We supply fiber optic patch cable with different connector and cable type.

fiber optic patch cable manufacturer

Ordering information for fiber optic patch cable:
Fiber optic connector type LC, FC, SC, ST, MTRJ, DIN, D4, E2000, MPO
Ferrule Interface type: PC, UPC, APC
Fiber cores: Simplex, duplex
Fiber type; Singlemode(G. 652, G655), multimode(50/125)/(62.5/125)
Fiber diameter(mm): Φ 0.9, φ 2.0, Φ 3.0
Fiber length; User-defined

Applications of  fiber optic patch cable :
FTTH application
Premise installations
Data processing networks
Wide Area Networks (WANs)
Telecommunication networks
Industrial ,mechanical and military

Fiber optic patch cable is one of most commonly used components in fiber optic network. generally there are two types of fiber optic patch cords: single mode fiber optic patch cords and multimode fiber optic patch cable. here the word mode means the transmitting mode of the fiber optic light in the fiber optic cable core. usually single mode fiber optic patch cable are with 9/125 fiber glass and is yellow jacket color, multi mode fiber optic patch cables are with 50/125 or 62.5/125 fiber glass and is orange color.

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